Our Process


1.) Clarify your current financial position; where you stand today

  • Conduct an inventory of your assets, liabilities, income, expenses, insurance, business agreements, estate plans, etc.
  • Prepare a detailed summary of your current financial position

2.) Clarify your goals and concerns; where you want to be in the future

  • Thoroughly discuss your financial goals and any issues that concern you
  • Prioritize your goals and concerns, so we can focus first on what is most important to you
  • Commit your prioritized goals and concerns to paper so you can be sure I understand you correctly

3.) Examine your current financial position relative to your stated goals

  • Identify any gaps or shortfalls between where you are today and where you want to be
  • Demonstrate where you currently stand in relation to your stated goals, and what financial commitments are likely required for you to achieve them

4.) Explore your available options

  • Thoroughly discuss the pros and cons of the various strategies and financial products you could employ to improve your chances of meeting your stated goals
  • Provide you with what you needs to make well informed, thoughtful decisions for yourself about which options best fit your unique situation and objectives
  • Then you will be in a position to confidently choose what, if anything, you want to do

5.) Implement your decisions

  • If you choose to go forward, I will help you make sure your decisions are implemented completely and correctly
  • This may involve working together with your attorney, accountant, or other advisors

6.) Review and update on a regular basis

  • Conduct periodic reviews to assess your progress toward your goals over time
  • Update your current financial position and discuss any changes to your goals, concerns or priorities
  • In other words, start over again at the first step in this process
  • This is a life-long process, because change, whether welcome or not, is inevitable