Exit & Succession Planning

Developing the Exit Road Map

When developing a road map there are important elements that are the foundations to a successful exit.

Exit Plan: We want to build a custom Exit Plan built on what your situation dictates. Completing an initial workbook assessment will help us find which sectors need to be improved in order to ensure with your exit plan.









Team of Advisors: There needs to be an experienced Team of Advisors in place. One Exit Planning Advisor to facilitate and additional advisors for recommendations on how to proceed

Cash Flow: There needs to be a positive cash flow from the business. This will interest an outside third party purchaser as well as a internal purchaser’s future cash flow outlook

Strong Management Team: Once you leave all the company wisdom does as well; unless you have established a team to stay behind to continue to run the business.

Time: It will take time to develop the exit plan and necessary actions to get you to each step




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This informational material authored by the Business Enterprise Institute (BEI), is being provided as a courtesy by Scott Scheer, who is a member of the BEI network.